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If you’re interested in selecting the best floss to use to clean your smile, then our dentist, Dr. Chiru, is happy to give you the tips you need. Flossing is very important, and it’s also important to use the right product so you can properly and effectively clean your gums. So, when you’re shopping for floss at the store, it’s best to keep these tips in mind:

-Dental tape, which is also known as wide floss, can help clean teeth that have wider spaces between them. It can also help clean around dental bridges and other dental restorations.

-Waxed floss is easier to use compared to most floss options. This is because the wax coating makes it easier to slide the floss into tight places. It also keeps the floss from breaking easily.

-Unwaxed floss is typically used to clean teeth that aren’t tightly knit. This type of floss will likely be flavored.

-Bonded unwaxed floss does not fray as easily as unwaxed floss, but it does break more often than waxed floss.

Floss threaders can make flossing easier, especially if you have permanent retainers or braces. If you’re interested in cleaning your smile with products other than floss, you can always use a water flosser or flossing picks.

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